Charleston Stormwater

Charleston, West Virginia

Vote for your favorite Snowman!

Vote for your favorite Snowman! The Charleston Stormwater/Engineering Department wants your opinion of which snowman is the chilliest stormwater representative.  They are having fun in the snow. Clean stormwater is very important to their happy existence. They want to educate people on what they think is the best way to keep their snow free of pollution! LET’S INTRODUCE […]

The History of Plastics!

October 3, 2018       WVU’s Charleston branch of Osha’s Lifelong Learning Institutes (OLLI) invited Lee Ann Grogg of the City’s Stormwater Department and Tomi Bergstrom with the WV DEP to present a lecture on the History of Plastics.  We learned a lot in our combined research efforts, including what drove plastic to be invented, […]