Single-Use Plastics – Putting earth in the hole!

This is the third year that the Charleston Stormwater Department has sponsored and constructed a putt-putt hole for the Charleston Area Alliance’s Downtown Open. Over two dozen local businesses create custom holes to participate in the pop-up miniature golf course.  The finished holes will be set up along the sidewalks and greenspaces in Downtown Charleston to create a one-of-a kind course June 24–July 8.

Putt-Putt your way through our single-use plastic fish! Soda bottles, plastic bags, & plastic straws are putting the earth in the hole when it comes to pollution. Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year and 500 million straws every day. At this rate, National Geographic estimates that the oceans will be swimming with more plastic than fish, as calculated in weight, by 2050. Plastic does not bio-degrade, and our waterways & wildlife are inheriting our trash.

What can you do?

Make a pledge to refuse plastic straws for a week, pick up litter you see on the sidewalk, or take reusable bags to the store and be part of the reduction of single-use plastics!