No Dumping – Drains to River

The Stormwater Department is currently tagging Drain Inlets (DI) to identify the storm drains that discharge untreated rain water directly to our streams and rivers. The Capital City has two primary sewer systems that convey rain water when there is a storm. The types are Dedicated and Combined.

The Dedicated drain system collects rain water then pipes it directly to our streams and rivers. Dedicated storm lines do not filter or prevent any pollution from entering the waterways. Therefore, it is imperative that these systems remain clean and free of trash. Bottles, cans. pet waste, oil leaks, plastic bags, etc. all end up in the river. “No Dumping – Drains to River” disc are placed on or close to the DI to identify these systems.

The Combined system collects rain water and adds it to existing sanitary sewer pipes which carries the water to our sanitary treatment facility. During smaller rain events all rain water gets treated, however, larger events are discharged directly into our rivers. These DI’s will not be tagged with a disc.

Please help us prevent stormwater pollution. The goal is to prevent trash and chemicals from entering our streams and rivers. Please remove any trash and debris around our DI’s and report any leaks or discharges that are getting into these storm drains to the Stormwater Department 304.348.8601.