Green Infrastructure grabs a PARK(ing) Spot!

September 21, 2018       PARK(ing) Day, 2018, in downtown Charleston, WV!

During Charleston’s first PARK(ing) Day, the Stormwater Department brought Green Infrastructure into our parking space.  The mission of PARK(ing) Day is to call attention to the need for more open urban spaces, green spaces, and people spaces.  Our space showcased types of green infrastructure that can be used in residential, commercial and municipal settings.  Rain chains and rain barrels for rain water harvesting, indigenous plants and trees and an example of a miniature green roof.  As Charleston continues to grow and development, we strive to include green infrastructure with our existing systems for stormwater management and pollution prevention.

Rain Chain that connects to a gutter
Green roof with succulents in a tray system

Drains to River Stencil Program

Did you know the stormwater that enters our drains and inlets flows directly to our streams and rivers without any filtration?

This means that pollutants in our ditches, on our roads and parking lots end up in our rivers. Items likes cigarette butts, plastic bags, bottles, and grass clippings all impact aquatic life. Most pollution happens when people carelessly miss the trashcan or absent-mindedly throw their cigarette butts on the street.
However, there are people who intentionally pollute. They pour oil, paint, concrete and other items directly into storm drains with little regard to the streams they are polluting. In an effort to educate, the Stormwater Department has implemented a program to label our storm drains and inlets that discharge stormwater into our streams and rivers. Our goal is to make a potential polluter hesitate and think about what his/her actions could be doing to our environment.

Stormwater Rocks! at ArtWalk


2018 Rain Barrel Workshops are coming!


Join the Charleston Stormwater Program at ArtWalk, Thursday, April 19, 2018 to sign-up for our 2018 Rain Barrel Workshops!

In addition to sign-ups we will be painting rocks for our STORMWATER ROCKS! program.  Paint a rock, post a pic, and then hide your rock!  Find a rock, take a pic and post it to our Facebook page.