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Outdoor Classroom Handbook

The Stormwater Management team is committed to ensuring full compliance with the Clean Water Act requirements to ensure our local water resources remain free of harmful pollutants. Our goal is to educate the citizens, general public, school aged children, and businesses (including contractors and developers) on stormwater pollution prevention solutions and techniques to protect our streams, creeks, and rivers to improve the quality of our most precious resource.

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Outdoor Classroom Handbook – Complete

Section – 1 – Cover Urban Runoff

Section – 2 – Pollutants in Stormwater Runoff

Section – 3 – What should we do

Section – 4 – What others are doing

Section – 5 – Stormwater Terms

Section – 6 – Conclusion

Urban Runoff Outdoor Classroom / Trash Inventory

This is a interactive worksheet for students to use during a walk around their school or community or field trip. It is a learning tool on how to identify and clarify pollution in our environment.

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