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Congraduations!!! Horace Mann Middle School, winner of the first paint the plow!

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Horace Mann Middle School


Principal:  John Anderson

Art Teacher:  Mary Gilkerson

10 students worked on the plow:  Nevaeh Roupe, Meera Hartman, Jonathan Nguyen, Liza Grogg, Hailey Shumate, Grace Mullins, Grace Langford, Riley Elliott, Kaya Ondra, & Clara Minnich.

Inspiration for the plow:  The love of fishing, specifically by Ms. Gilkerson’s two sons, Collin and Justin.

“The inspiration for my design was my sons’, Collin and Justin, love for fishing.  I discussed with the students the importance of recycling and keeping our rivers clean to create a healthy habitat for the variety of fish that live in our West Virginia Rivers.  Many people eat the fish caught in our rivers, so it is important maintain a healthy environment for them to live.  The fish depicted on our plow represent common fish caught by fishermen:  Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Blue Gill, Sunfish, Carp and Trout.”     -Mary Gilkerson

Overbrooke Elementary


Principal: Mr. Comer

Art Teacher: Jeff Pierson

60 students worked on the plow. They were the members of all three fifth grade classes:

Mrs. Cross, Mrs. Sharp & Mrs. Rolfe

Inspiration for the plow: Recycle!

“We used the recycle logo as a design element to symbolize unity. Each student painted an arrow… it is meant to teach that ‘We can all have a part’ in making our world better.”

 John Adams Middle School

john-adams-plow-webPrincipal: Moyers

Art Teacher: Debra Sticklen

135 students worked on the design of the plow by submitting individual designs. After voting to select the favorites, the winning designs were compiled into one design.

7 students painted the plow: Alexa Bostic, Hannah Cantrell, Brooklyn Ghelston, Sara Triplett, Ellavie Hall, Brooke Starcher, & Nevaeh Tipton.

Inspiration for the plow: Snow!

“The students were adamant about the fact that a snow plow had to include snow. We chose the South Side Bridge because it is our bridge.  We decided to dress our snowmen in John Adams colors and add our mascot in a predominant and obvious manner.  Combining the theme the city requested, Recycle!  Keep Litter out of our Rivers!, with our mascot and snowmen seemed best presented as a three part design.”    -Debra Sticklen

Stonewall Jackson Middle School


Principal: Jessica Austin

Art Teacher: Danielle Hunt

20 students worked on the plow: Kaleb Ratcliff, Maisey Richardson, Seara Lester, Talayah Boxley, Brooklynn Workman, Daniel Adkins, Victoria Barone, Elijah Inman, Sarah Barker, & Chijche Muadike.

Inspiration for the plow: The river.

“I discussed the design with my classes. I opened the opportunity to come up with designs for the plow.  The design chosen was then used for inspiration and simplified for design and time sake.   The students really enjoyed this project.  They thrive when given the opportunity to showcase their talents!”   -Danielle Hunt

 Bible Center Middle School

bible-center-plow-webPrincipal: Josh Bacchus

Art Teacher: Sharon Ford

22 students worked on the plow: Sarah Argento, Lauren Arnett, Audrey Atkins, Carleah Atkins, Kaci Brabbin, Mikinzi Casto, Katie Chard, Katie Friend, Sydney Garrison, Bella Gharib, Lauren Gillespie, Julianna Jividen, Ashley Miller, Haleigh Monday, Jenna Nguyen, Corrine O’Conner, Lydia Rhodes, Allie Rahal, Claire Rohr, Karris Shannon, & Leanna Tanzey.

Inspiration for the plow: The Ram, School Mascot.

“Our Ram mascot is a symbol of controlled strength. This very artistic group of seventh and eighth grade young ladies worked diligently to represent our school.  We are very honored to show our school spirit in our design, but we also feel a sense of great pride in doing something positive for our beautiful river city, Charleston, West Virginia.”    -Sharon Ford

Capital High School

capital-high-plow-webPrincipal: Larry Bailey

Art Teacher: Sarah Weekley

5 students worked on the plow: Antonia Lipscomb, Leigha Scott, Shannon Hudson, Allison Rubin, & Ethan Slater.

Inspiration for the plow: The Recycle symbol, the earth and the mountains of WV.

“We think the recycle design is perfect to include. The earth and mountains represent the mountains of West Virginia.”  -Sarah Weekley






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